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The investors shall be qualified investors with strong ability of risk identification, assessment and tolerance in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of The Securities Investment Fund Law of the People's Republic of China, The Trust Law of the People's Republic of China, Private Equity Investment Fund Supervision And Management of the Interim Measures, Measures for the Administration of Trust Company assembled funds trust plan. In accordance with the regulations of Private Equity Investment Fund Supervision and Management of the Interim Measures, the standards of qualified private equity investors are as follows:

I. Units and personnel possessing corresponding risk identification ability and risk bearing capability, and the investment on a single privately-offered fund is not less than RMB 1 million:

(I) Units with net assets no less than RMB 10 million;

(II) Individuals with financial assets not less than RMB 3 million or average annual individual income in the last three years not less than RMB 500 thousand. The financial assets mentioned in the above term include the bank deposits, stocks, bonds, fund shares, asset management plans, bank financial products, trust plans, insurance products, rights and interests of futures, etc.

II. The following investors are regarded as qualified investors:

(I) Social security fund, enterprise annuity and other pension funds, charitable fund and other public welfare funds;

(II) Investment plan established pursuant to law and put on record in Fund Industry Association;

(III) Privately-offered fund managers and relevant employees of the privately-offered funds;

(IV) Other investors stipulated by the CSRC.

In terms of investors directly or indirectly investing in private equity through collecting the capital of most investors in the form of partnership, contract and other unincorporated forms, the private equity fund managers or sales institutions shall thoroughly verify that whether the final investors are qualified investors, and calculate the number of investors jointly. Nonetheless, investors conforming to the regulations of the articles (I), (II), (IV) investing in privately-offered funds are not thoroughly verified over whether they are qualified investors or not, nor will they be calculated jointly to as part of the number of investors.

If it is certain that you or your representative institution is the "qualified investor of representative institution" and you will comply with the applicable regulations

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